Soward Ranch is a great option for half-marathoners. Located at the half-marathon start and marathon turnaround, Soward Ranch is an idyllic mountain retreat in the Rio Grande Valley between beautiful mountains. Sleep where you start!

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Wondering where to stay? Stay local!

There are plenty of options for both camping and lodging in and around Creede, CO while you're in town for Runoff Runoff. However, make sure you reserve campsites and rooms ahead of time as they do fill up fast!

Fishing at Love Lake

Stony Pass

Wheeler Geological Area

There's so much to do in Creede and the surrounding area! While you are here for the Runoff Runoff, why not check out what else the area has to offer?

Visit the Creede Chamber of Commerce, the South Fork Visitor Center or Lake City to find wonderful lodging, dining, and recreation opportunities!

Looking for a little more adventure?

North Clear Creek CG

Silver Thread CG

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Alex Handloff


Soward Ranch

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Run along the Rio Grande


Creede, Colorado

Please visit the Creede Chamber of Commerce Camping site or the Rio Grande National Forest for more information.

JUNE 5 2021

Camping Options

Marshall Park (6 mi)

Bristol Head (22 mi)

Ivy Creek (16 mi)

North Clear Creek (24 mi)

Rio Grande (9 mi)

Road Canyon (26 mi)

Silver Thread (23 mi)