Run along the Rio Grande

Caldera performs under the cloud-streaked sky of Mineral County

Event Organizer:

Alex Handloff

​​2021 Live Music Line Up

Creede, Colorado

A note on COVID precautions

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An Appropriate Post-race Event

Caldera is a local group composed of musicians who have all played in different settings in the area's fluid music scene. John Goss (guitar, vocal) has played in several groups, including Highway 149, MoJones, and Baxter/Goss and Speake. Steve Reynolds (guitars, mandolin) formed the First Unitarian Funk Band and plays with Rally Round. When the team needs percussion, they call on Malcolm Snead (drums), a veteran of Rally Round and MoJones. Tommy Speake (bass) has played in the Funk Band and Baxter/Goss and Speake. The result is an eclectic mix of twang, blues, and classic sounds.

Check out their song, Tupelo:

We were thrilled to have a truly local band for our After Party, Caldera, right here from Creede, CO! 

We intend to have a COVID-safe post-race event. There will be ample room (approx. 1.5 acres) in Ed Hargraves Park for runners and their support groups. However, the event is subject to change in order to adhere to the latest COVID-19 safety precautions in Mineral County. 

We want to gather in large crowds more than ever to feel the rush of humanity! However, given our current reality, we feel that our safety in regards to COVID-19 is paramount. As such, we are providing live local music and space for folks to throw down a blanket, have a small picnic, and soak up some tunes and some sunlight, but we will not be providing food or drink.

We also want to reiterate our goal of limiting waste. If you do hang out and eat or drink in the park, please recycle!

JUNE 4 2022