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At the Runoff Runoff, We Run for Water

Headwaters Alliance
P.O. Box 518
Creede, CO 81130

Water shows us how profoundly connected we are as animals, people, plants, and planet. One drop of rain or melted  snowflake may interact with the roots of a tree, the mouth of a bighorn sheep, or even you. It may also interact with legacy mining sites, becoming acidified, harming insects and damaging fish populations. That drop of rain or snowflake may never exist in the first place, evaporated by drought and our changing climate.

The headwaters of the Rio Grande are connected to the ocean, and as we connect with that water, we are connected to the ocean... at least that's how far the water used to flow in a good year. When we run, we run for the water quality for fish, bugs, and habitat. We run for water quantity to fill our rivers, fields, and beaver ponds. We run for the people who don't have access to water the world over.

​Headwaters Alliance (HWA) has deep roots in the Creede community. Created as the brain-child of Guinevere Nelson, long-time director of the Willow Creek Reclamation Committee, HWA was founded in 2016 to support and continue the incredible work accomplished by the Willow Creek Reclamation Committee over the previous 22 years. HWA is proud to build upon the legacy of this small group of determined citizens who laid the foundation for community driven mining reclamation work. We continue to actively seek sustainable solutions for the well-being of Willow Creek and the upper Rio Grande that nurture the Creede and Mineral County that we all love so dearly.

Our Work Now
We are busy! Headwaters Alliance is delighted to announce that we are making significant headway on numerous projects. The outpouring of support, enthusiasm and willingness to engage by project partners, community stakeholders, governmental agencies, regional partners and funders is thrilling.

Thanks to funding from CWCB and others, the Comprehensive Willow Creek Watershed Planning Project is moving forward, notably, on the floodplain where Matrix is creating an integrated design across property lines — from flume to Rio Grande. At the same time, we are diligently working on completing the application for the Southern San Juan Dark Sky Reserve. Additionally, we continue to provide information and facilitate meetings on the Nelson Tunnel Superfund Site. And much more!

Please visit our Headwaters Alliance website for more information and updates.  

Stewardship Education and Volunteer Programming
We also love sharing inspiring information and education with our community and summer visitors!  Please join us in Summer 2021 to learn more about water, snow science, mines and the night sky!

 Would you like to know more ways to preserve the beauty of Mineral County?  We welcome volunteers! We are always looking for folks to help us with ongoing water quality sampling, revegetation work in the summer and office help! Check out our website for more information!

Run along the Rio Grande


Creede, Colorado

About the Runoff Runoff

The Runoff Runoff was started in 2010 as a way to raise awareness of local and global water issues. Since 2010, the race has grown thanks to the partnership and support of so many organizations and individuals. Through it all, the purpose of the RunOff RunOff remains the same; to educate and engage with you about three important interrelated issues:

1. Legacy Mining Impacts and Water Quality
2. Water Quantity and the Connection with Downstream Communities and Ecosystems
3. Human Rights and Access to Water Worldwide

We strive to preserve these glorious mountains and bubbling tributaries here at the headwaters of the Rio Grande. We take our upstream responsibility seriously, and deeply value your support in this work!