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Ethan Franke


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2021 Photo set 2

Run along the Rio Grande

Creede, Colorado

2022 Course

(aid stations and precise start locations are subject to change)

Running along

the mighty Rio Grande

Up in the San Juan Mountains of Southern Colorado, the Rio Grande begins it's 1,800 mile journey to the Gulf of Mexico. The Runoff Runoff marathon, half marathon, and 6.6K follow the scenic headwaters of the Rio Grande, starting and ending in the historic mountain town of Creede, Colorado. Organized by the Headwaters Alliance (formerly the Willow Creek Reclamation Committee), this event raises funds to support river restoration and stewardship projects that improve water quality, wildlife habitat, recreation, quality of life, and the overall condition of the Rio Grande headwaters. 

JUNE 3rd 2023

2021 Photo set 1 (set 2 is below)

Registration for 2023 is now open!

After a year off due to the unprecedented events of COVID-19, Headwaters Alliance was proud to once again host the Runoff Runoff Marathon, Half-Marathon and 6k Race in 2021. Over a 160 runners registered for the race, making it one of our best years. The weather was beautiful, and the after race band, Caldera, set the mood for a friendly post-race relaxing time in the park.

Registration for 2022 is now open, giving you plenty of time to plan ahead and train.‚Äč

New year, new and improved course

The new course that limited running on 149 was a resounding success. Thanks to insightful feedback from previous years, we decided to create a half marathon and marathon course that minimized running on Highway 149 and instead followed well-maintained dirt roads on Deep Creek Rd. and Middle Creek Rd. Because of the success of 2022, we are once again using the new course for 2023. Additionally, we have the 6.6k race so that runners can make it all the way to the Rio Grande from the start. Stay tuned for updates on the course and each particular discipline. 

Past successful Runoff Runoff events stem from the enormous support of our local businesses. Thank you to sponsors and participants who made this event special.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2023 Runoff Runoff Races, here at the beautiful headwaters of the Rio Grande.  If you have any questions, please email ethan@headwatersalliance.org.